Friday, October 26, 2007

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Happy Halloween Everyone! This is our pumpkin this year. Aren't carving kits great? Remeber when you actually had to sit down and think of how you were going to carve your pumpkin? Lame! Well no more!

Tabby took the seeds and planted them in the hopes that we will soon have pumpkins growing.


Cindy said...

Hi Alys! Saw the link to your blog on Becky's. I love your pumpkin! We bought carving kits this year, too...I remember when I was young I used to get a paper and pencil out and draw what I wanted before carving it...those were the days!

The Willis Family said...

Hey, Alys! I'm so glad you found me, I've been wondering if you had one. I know what you mean, I haven't scrapped since I've been here. I need help!

Tresure said...

Nice job on the pumpkin! I'll have to come see it on person.