Thursday, October 25, 2007

Marathon Madness

I call it madness because that's what it felt like! Yes I actually ran a marathon this month. And here are pictures to prove it!

I trained for months with some of my good friends for the St. George Marathon. It was a blast and I will totally do it again. Maybe not for a while though.

Tresure and I drove the course the day before the race to see what we were in for. Here is us at the start line.

You know it's a big race when there is a line of j-johns as far as the eye can see.

Here is me about 20 ft. from the finish line. Dale snapped the pic just in time for me to run past him so you can't see my face but I swear it's me! If this were a video clip, you would see me limping. Hey, at least I'm running!

Here is Dale holding a sign he made to encourage me. It's nice he thinks I'm #1 but I was actually #4187.

Here's Dale and I. I passed out sometime before or after this pic. I don't remember.

I had a really great time running in this marathon and I am so proud to say that I have done one! I made some really great friends and lost some pounds (heck yeah!) so it was really a great experience.


Cresta said...

Very cute! I love the blog. You look like a beautiful movie star! Congratulations on the 26.2!

Stacia said...

Congrats on the marathon! After hearing your lovely marathon story I'm not sure I want to do one. J/K If anything you ladies inspired me!

Becky J. said...

Yay! You have a blog! No, you're definately not the last one to get a blog.
I'm so proud of all you guys that ran the marathon. I'm a bit jelous too! I wish I could have been there along side you guys. You guys worked hard, and it paid off!

Heather & Jamie Darger said...

Only you could look that good after 4 hours of NON -STOP running like a crazed maniac. I love it, you are my hero. You are the wind beneath my wings. Hahaha Actually I just think your crazy, but I am a bit jealous (Ok Alot Jealous!)

Bryan, Michelle and Nash said...

no wonder you look so dang good! good for you!

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