Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween isn't for whimps!

Oh Halloween, I love to hate you! Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween just as much as Christmas. I think I have as many Halloween decorations as I have Christmas ones. But dang, Halloween is WORK! I counted it up and Tabby (my oldest) has to dress up in her costume SEVEN different times this year. Remember when you were a kid and you not only wore your costume once for trick or treating but you constructed it the day before out of a paper bag or something you had around the house? I remember one year wrapping a box with Christmas wrapping paper, slapping a bow on it and cutting a hole out for my head and walking out the door to go get candy. And I think one year I wore a trash bag and called myself a California Raisin. Remember those cartoon raisins that played in a band? Anyway, now our kids pretty much need the couture version of a Halloween costume and you have to buy it like in July or they'll be sold out. Like I said before, I truly love this holiday. I love getting my kids dressed up and man they look cute. But I need a break and the real Halloween hasn't even happened yet. And by the way, all of our costumes are already worn and stained. I guess I got my money's worth! Oh well, my kids really love going to all the different parties and Tabby looks forward to Halloween pretty much the whole year so watching them have so much fun really makes the headache worth it!

Regardless of all the work, we had a great weekend because we had our ward Trunk-or-Treat party last night and my parents had a Halloween party for the grandkids tonight. Here are some pics of those cute little boogers!

Here we are right before our Trunk-or-Treat party:

Grandma's House!

Magi (my sis) handmade this flower pot costume for her girl Madeline. Cutest flower I've ever seen!

The kids loved the "mummy" races. Thanks for letting us waste your toilet paper Grandpa!

Yum! Yum! I have to give it up to my friend Tresure for the inspiration to make these little gems!

Okay, not only did my sis make her daughter's costume she also made the most hilarious cake! And it was delicious!

Grandma and grandpa had stuff to make s'mores. All Rex wanted to do was burn as many marshmallows as he could to a crisp. He'd get 'em blazing and then wave the stick around. Who says 2 year olds can't play with fire?

Here's Magi enjoying herself. You even look cute with your mouth full, Mag!



Becky J. said...

I agree with the work part of Halloween, and I remember always making or coming up with the outfit the day before... Those were the days! Luckily we only have to dress up 2-3 times. I think I'd go crazy if it was 7!!
Happy Halloween!

Tresure said...

I'm with ya on the love/hate thing of Halloween. I LOVE your kids costumes, especially Rex's eye. Good make-up. The spider cake is so cute. Wish I would've seen it earlier so I could've copied it for a party the other night.

Maybe we should've been the Runnin' Raisins & just worn garbage bags for Ragnar! =)

The Willis Family said...

Alys, those costumes are so awsome! Looks like one crazy party! I love Halloween, remember when we were rock stars!

Heather & Jamie Darger said...

I am exausted by just reading your Pre-Halloween activities. I used to Hate Halloween with a passion when my kids were little. Like you I put time into it. I think up until this year the kids always had 3 costumes each because of course they began wearing them a month before the big day and the novelty of the 'get up' was spent. Now I wait until they get the lame ones and call it good ! Halloween to be is just a distraction and hassle before the mass Christmas chaos. I love looking at all the darling costumes of the great blood, sweat, and tears that was put in from Moms like you guys! Heres to the future "I could care less" years down the road. I have officially given up! :)

Jamie & Johnny said...

7 times, oh my dear I will dread Halloween. I do remember spray painting my hair black, putting sparkles in it, putting on black lipstick and just being whatever. I am so bringing those days back! Cute pictures. I loved Rex's costume, it cracked me up everytime he came up to get more rootbeer. SO cute.

Cindy said...

Wow, 7 times is a lot!!! It will be interesting to see how our girls "tumble" in their costumes at tumbling tomorrow...I might find something a little less frilly and poofy for Raelyn to wear as a costume instead of her fairy one!!

Bryan, Michelle and Nash said...

love the candy, love the costumes!