Friday, October 19, 2007

A farm with a roller coaster on it?

Last Friday, Dale had the day off from work so we took the kids to Schnepf Farms by our house. It's a working farm but they have carnival rides and lots of other fun stuff to do. You could tell the kids had a blast because they came home covered in dirt.

Here we are on the train ride. Rex loved this part.

Riding with Tabby on this roller coaster will be one of my favorite memories always. She was just tall enough and the ride conductor told me if she got too scared, I could flag him down and he'd stop the ride so she could get off. Yeah, right. She held her hands in the air and laughed the whole time. My fearless 4 year old.

Ella on a haystack.

The bees were a fave. They had controls to make them go up and down. Tabby was upset because she thought another kid's bee was higher than hers.

Here is Rex being Rex. Just before we took these pictures, he went down the slide face first into a pile of dirt. Which of course, was the highlight of the day for him.

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