Sunday, May 25, 2008


I was released from my calling as Relief Society Secretary today. I served in that position for 2 and a half years at it took me that long to start spelling "relief" correctly. Who else wants to put the "e" before the "i"?

Regardless of my spelling capabilities, I loved that calling and I loved serving all of the sisters in the ward. I learned so much and met a ton of people I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. I will miss being secretary dearly but it's truly time for a change. And that change is... Primary!

Dale and I will be teaching the 8 year olds together. Here's a moment of truth: I cringed just a little bit when they asked us to teach. I love teaching the kiddies, don't get me wrong. It's just that I've gotten really attached to going to RS. I'm totally going to miss it. I'm sure that as I get going on this new calling I will love serving in primary and not want to leave there either. I told Dale I was so happy that we were teaming up because now, I can slack off while he teaches the lesson every week! Kidding, I love to teach so this will be really fun for me.

And a huge thanks to Stacy Johnson (the pres.) for being one of the best examples of service I have ever seen. That woman doesn't stop. She must have figured out how to squeeze two extra hours out of every day because I don't think I could ever do as much as she does in a 24 hour period. I'm grateful to have served under her and to have learned so much from her. I understand that everything happens for a reason and it happens on the Lord's time so I gladly accept this change and I'm happy to serve anywhere He wants me to.

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Chad & Nicole said...

Primary is fun. You'll love it. :)