Monday, May 12, 2008

Mama Mall

I have no idea how it started but for some reason, my kids call the new outdoor San Tan Mall the mama mall. Dale and I were supposed to go out for our Mother's day date Friday night but we couldn't find a babysitter so we decided to all go to the mama mall and play for a bit. And to maybe let mama buy a new shirt to make herself feel better about not going on a date.

Not many people can pull off the big glasses:

Rex is a soda freak and we hardly ever let him have some so this was maybe the best night ever for him:
We found this cute little guy:
Actually, he's not real. As soon as Tabby reached out to pet him, I made a barking noise. She jumped about a mile. What a mean mom! Rex was really nervous about the dog. He didn't know what to make of it.

We love the play area:
This is the first time Ella actually played on the toys. Usually she is trying to escape:
She's got awesome sliding skills.

What? Filthy feet? Me? Never!
I don't care what kind of shoes they are, Ella will get them off. It's more trouble finding the pair of shoes she chucked in a store somewhere than just having her go barefoot.

I know this is an odd picture but there's a cute story behind it:
These little sprinkler markers are all over the mall area right now. Tabby goes up to one to see what the picture is on it. Then she runs over to me and says, "Those flags mean we are supposed to watch out for reindeer." Well, obviously. What else could they mean?


Heather and Brad said...

Your kids are so cute. Brad and I have been out to that mall but I didn't even know their was a play area for the kids. We'll have to take ours sometime.

'Watch out for Reindeer' haha that is so cute.

Michelle said...

fun date none the less right? i love it when kids are starting to must have shown her a sign at one point of 'watch for deer' or something! cute!

Stacia said...

I still haven't been to that mall. I'll have to check out the mama mall this weekend. Cute pictures!

Amy P. said...

My name is Amy (VanCott) Palmer, I went to college with a girl named Melissa Whetten. I saw her name on your blog, for helping you guys with running. I wanted to catch up with her, but don't have her email, so I thought I'd see if you could ask her if it was OK to give me her email, or you could have her email me. My email is
If this is the same Melissa that I knew, we were at EAC together in 1996 and we lived just a few houses from each other. Thanks so much! --Amy

Julie said...

You have a cute and well-dressed little family. It's fun to watch the little ones grow up and all the things they learn through their own observations.