Friday, May 16, 2008


Everyone pretty much knows by now that my sweet little Ella is actually a very naughty baby. She is smart and cunning and she uses her mischievous powers to torture the rest of the family as evidenced here and here. But she has upped her game.

Last Saturday, I was out in the front yard washing the van with the kids when I looked up and Ella was out in the road. When she goes in the road, her punishment is that she has to go in the house. So I put her inside and quickly finish up knowing that she is unattended and all sorts of misconduct could be going on in there. Well, she proved me right. I get inside and see that she is covered in dirt (from being outside) and stickiness. I figured she had just gotten into the plates left out from that morning when we had waffles for breakfast. So I wash her off and put her down for her nap. Then, when I came out from her room, I see the real reason for her stickiness. WHICH IS THIS:
HALF A BOTTLE OF SYRUP!!!!! And she couldn't have just dumped it out on the kitchen floor. Noooo, she had to do her DIRTY WORK on the carpet!!!! It's almost like she said, "Sweet, I'm in here by myself. Partytime. I'm gonna get my mom back for punishing me. Hmm, what's the worst thing I can do? Ooo, there's a bottle of syrup. Let's see how bad I can mess her up with THIS!" She even left the bottle next to the spot as if to create a little display for me!

I've cleaned that spot over five times now and it still totally smells like maple. I did manage to get the brown stain out. However, it is still sticky so dirt gets caught in it and the spot turns brown again! Meanwhile, my house is going to smell like breakfast for the next 2 years.

She turns 2 in August and I think she and I need to go to therapy together before this gets any worse!


Karolee said...

Oh my! You do have your hands full! I think therapy would be wise and maybe a cage of some sort... :)

Chad & Nicole said...

I feel for you because I am NOT a fan of the syrup smell. It reminds me of elementary school when they served "breakfast for lunch." Maybe if you spill a bottle of Febreeze over the original spot it could mask some of the smell. :)

Becky J. said...


You'll probably need a pro to come to get it completely out. My sister in law has pretty naughty kids, and twice (right after getting their carpets cleaned) they took a bottle of honey and drizzled her entire house. Fun!

The Frosts said...

That is no fun. I think you're probably right about the age, because Porter has been pulling some interesting stunts at our house. Nothing quite so sticky as that. Good luck!