Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cheap Pool=Save On Gas

We don't need to drive anywhere this summer to have fun. All we need is our backyard and our el cheapo Wal Mart pool. I got this thing 2 summers ago and it's still going strong.

My kids have made it even funner by inventing new ways to get in to the pool:
Rex was doing this sweet kick out move when he jumped but he did it so quick, I was having a hard time capturing it.


Lil Beck said...

These pics are reminiscent of many good times the Morris Clan had in our own back yard in the stock tank; jumpin off stuff, sprayin the hose - it's all part of our heritage. But ask Dale how it feels to get sprayed directly in the eyes with a hose at the Biggs's house!

What a legacy!!!!

Heather and Brad said...

I need to get one of those. My kids would entertain themselves for hours.

Where did you get that cute trampoline? I've never seen one that short.

Tim and Shay said...

What a BLAST!!!