Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day At The Zoo

We braved the heat yesterday and went to the Phoenix Zoo. I can't remember the last time I went there. I think it was when Tabby was a baby. So it was just as fun for me as it was for my kiddos. We went with my mom who was so kind to get a year membership with room for me and the kids on it. I'm sure I will be filling my blog with zoo trip pics. I'm know you all are holding your breath in excitement for that.

And this time, I only took about a bazillion photographs because my VERY generous parents bought me a totally awesome new camera!

So here are some fun pics from our day out:

When we came up to the otters, I told Rex that otters love to play. So he started yelling at the otters "OTTERS PLAY!"
They did. And they were the cutest darn things! Ella LOVED the otters. She probably wanted to get in there and wrestle with them.
Tabby was dying to see the flamingos. For some reason, she talks about them all the time. My guess is because they are pink and any animal that is pink is tops in her book.

Here she is showing them that she does in fact know how to stand like a flamingo.
Here are the kids watching the bear. Only Ella would give a friendly wave to a ferocious bear.
They have this old Jeep for decoration in one part of the zoo. Rex is giving me his best pouty face because I wouldn't let him sit in it. I would have except that it was covered in webs and dead bugs!
I don't know what it would take for all three of my kids to look at the camera at the same time. Maybe if it set on fire or something. Who knows.
One out of three is usually the best I can do.

Somebody needs to make a gigantic park with just trees and rocks for the kids to climb on. That seemed to be the best part for my kids.
Random animal pics:
Tabby likes to name things and she lovingly named this anteater "Mallory." I think it fits.
This baboon totally was posing for my camera! He looks like is about to bite in the last one but really he was just yawning.They have this gorgeous Lilly pond at the front.
The best part was when we were done, we headed over to their splash pad to cool down.
Here is Rex doing the "pee-pee dance." I only had to take him to the restroom about 50 times.Even though it was pretty toasty, we all had a blast and can't wait to go again!


Magi said...

super fun! I heart ella in her girly swim suit

Darger said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Can your blog be any cuter????? I have not looked at anyones because all my links are gone (still need to take the time to redo the boring blog of mine - HELP) Your photos a absolutly joke. What lucky kids you have to have a Mom that is getting Frame Friendly Pictures of them growing up. HOw can they even chose from so many? Needless to say they will not need to fight over photos when you are gone thats for sure. I kept forgetting you were a one car family. We did that for the first 3 years and is hard. Congrats on the VAN YAY!

cathy said...

Okay, I will FINALLY post on your blog.........since I have been stalking you FOREVER! Your kiddos are getting soo darn big! Love the zoo and the pics are so fun! I love Ellas swim suit, where did you get it? I need one for Cara. I also love the songs that you change every now and then.

Lil Beck said...

What a dang cute family! Thanks, Corrine for buying my sister a camera!!!!!!!!!

I am pretty amazed that ANYONE can do the zoo this time of year, but you guys look super!

Safari said...

My you are brave to do that in the heat.

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This story was crafted by Arizona author, Safari Sue Thurman, after many years of producing and presenting children’s shows at the Phoenix zoo, and other venues.