Thursday, September 4, 2008

Look What We Learned!

We have reached a milestone in our family.
"I can ride my bike with no training wheels" -this is the song Tabby made up to the tune of Handlebars by the Flobots. Pretty clever.

I was so surprised about how fast she picked it up. I think her motivation was that some of her friends from preschool could do it and she didn't want to miss out. I'm pretty sure she rubbed it in their faces when she saw them the next day. Sweet girl.

Now our favorite thing to do is go out in the front when it cools down a bit in the evening (relatively speaking.)
Rex loves to scoot. He's getting to be pretty speedy on this thing.
Here we are lowering the standards for everyone else. No need to thank me.
Yes, I let my baby outside wearing only a diaper. Why in the heck would I create more laundry for myself if we are not going anywhere? In this picture she is sporting the 3 day old piggy tail look which I hear is very in for fall.

No shoes, filthy feet. That's how we roll.


Brenay Family said...

Your kids are just so cute...3 day old pigtails and all! :) Emma has been asking for a bike, but she doesn't have the patience to learn how to ride! We'll see what happens!

Camron and Lauren Howell said...

Yeah for Tabby! I dig how you roll. We definitely live in the same neighborhood. I used to ride my bike in nothing but my panties when I was a kid. Glad to see Tabby has a little more dignity than that. :)

Lil Beck said...

OMAHECK I love my little neices and nephew! I'm so very very proud of Tabby. She just looks SO grown up. Will you please tell all three kids that auntie would LOVE to see them riding and doing tricks on their wheels?

BTW, I think everyone should adopt the "child in front yard wearing only a diaper" philosophy. It's worked for us Morris's for generations! I sport the adult version, which is cheetah pajamas that are about 11 years old, cut off at the calf. Bra optional.

**Please forgive if the last statement offends. The above does not reflect the views of the blog owner. They are the express opinions of the commentor.

The Frosts said...

Those are funny pictures. Thanks for lettin' Porter borrow Rex's bike. He has been tearin it up on our back patio in the evening.

Kari said...

Congrats on graduating from training wheels Tabby! And I love the black feet and no clothes. We're right there with ya lady! I'm usually wiping down my kids feet a few times a day!

Heather and Ryan said...

Us fullers we roll the same way,lol