Saturday, September 6, 2008

You Gotta Watch This Show

I am hooked on Say Yes To The Dress. Have you heard of it? Are you obsessed as I am? It's one of the way too many shows I TiVo every week. The set is a bourgeois wedding gown boutique in Manhattan called Kleinfeld's where they film brides trying on and selecting a dress for their big day. It's so fun to shout at the TV as if the women can hear me. "NO, please don't wear that hideous mess!" Or cry when they find the Perfect Dress. I also cry when I see what the brides are paying for these designer dresses. $7000.00 for a dress? Really? I thought I was in the big leagues when I got my $750.00 wedding dress. I have to say though, my fave moments are when the bridezillas or the momzillas (even better) go berserk on the sales people. That's high entertainment value in my book.

Where was this when I was picking gowns? Does it come with a sleeve option???

If you want to get hooked too, it's on TLC on Friday nights.


Keri said...

Oh, that does sound like a fun one to be obsessed with.

Brenay Family said...

I LOVE this show! It is addictive isn't it?! I'm glad to know someone shares my crazy obsession! :)

shillibeans said...

Hi Alys!
Tim Shill here. I must admit that I have never watched this show, but I have to say that my wife stumbled accross your blog because she was on Tressa LeCheminant's blog, and I grew up down the street from her husband Jeff, but this is where it gets crazy. She was looking at your blog, and she saw the Ragnar stuff, and she was like I wonder if she knows Lindsey who happens to be my wife's brother's wife. So then we watched the youtube video of Ragnar which I have actually watched before, but I hadn't paid close attention to it, and then we were like, you must be in their ward so then we had to call them, and sure enough you were. Anyway, the world just gets smaller! So I know this was a spazzy comment, but anyway, send me your email address, and I will invite you to our blog. My wife chose to keep it as an invite only blog. My email is I hope to hear from you. TTFN! -Tim

Becky J. said...

I like that show, but havn't watched in a while, I've been a food network junky lately. I'll have to watch it again.