Friday, September 19, 2008

Main Street. Mesa, Arizona

Next time you want to get fun pictures of your kids/family/people you know, you need to go to Main Street in Mesa. Maybe you already have and I'm the last one to realize this but there are so many cool backgrounds all over the place there. Not to mention the most adorable clothing stores and the big fat lemon bars from Sweet Cakes.

Here are the pics of the kiddos I took while I was there. Warning: There are lots so if you are already tired of looking at pics of my children, I suggest you look away.

Aunt Magi taking a break with Ella:As you can see, my photography style is to take a regular old picture and then photoshop the CRAP out if it! That's why they all look different.

My dad gave me his old macro lens which is awesome and super fast. It's manual focus and when I uploaded my pics, I found that a lot of them were out of focus, particularly the full body shot ones. The head shots turned out alright though. I really need more practice. I'm so used to the camera doing all the work for me. I actually learned photography on a completely manual camera and I've totally forgotten all of it now.


Brenay Family said...

Very cute! I love downtown. I used to work right there on Main street and Le Studio Salon. I miss it sometimes and YUM Sweetcakes...I used to eat there almost everyday!

Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

I was going to ask you what kind of camera you have, cause seriously, you'r pictures always look amazing!!!!

Karolee said...

You did a beautiful job with these! Maybe I'll bring my kids over too. :)

Lil Beck said...

Um, hello, Sweetcakes is only the BEST bakery/sandwich shop in AZ!

PS, leave it to you to find backgrounds in the best places...I would have just taken pics with those freaky pig statues or something. You have an eye for finding the art, sissy!

Heidi Ann said...

So cute! You have quite the talent for photography, photo shop or not!