Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Morning!

Nothing says good morning like a 6x3 foot pile of laundry to fold.


Adele Heslington said...

I have the same pile, sitting on my couch waiting for me.

Julie said...

Sometimes I put them back in the dirty clothes hamper so I don't have to fold them and put them away. As long as I have enough clean undies, I'm good to go!

Heather and Brad said...

Of all the things to do around the house, I think laundry ranks around the top of the list of things I hate to do.

Good luck with that!

Jeff - Tressa said...

At least it's clean!

Michelle said...

amen. mine is sitting at the foot of my bed. and the sad thing is that most of it WAS folded at one point, just not put away.