Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Magi's Marathon

The P.F. Chang's Marathon was this past weekend. My sis Magi ran it and did awesome. I wish so bad that I could run but watching her was the next best thing.

My mom and I waited for her at mile 20 with big posters, smiles and water. I was worried about her knee which had been giving her trouble during training but sure enough along she came right on schedule and looking peppy!

Now humour me while I do a little compare/contrast.

Here is myself at mile 20 during my last marathon:
Here is my sister at the same distance:
Need I say more?

She finished with a marathon PR of 3:50:00!

Magi, Mark, and Madeline post race. Their baby Max was sleeping in the stroller so he didn't get in the pic.
Madeline with her sign for Mommy:
Magi and Me (I know, we look nothing alike.)


Karolee said...

Looks like fun, though the thought of running a marathon right now sounds anything but fun! ;) Way to go Sis of Alys!

Morris Fam said...

Now don't be doing that. You have more kids anyway! That says a lot! You are so talented in so many ways including running, which I would never even attempt. Way to go Maggie! Alys, you totally rock as well, whether or not you are as freakishly photogenic during extreme physical activity. :)
Love you both!

Magi said...

I can't wait until 2010 when we can FINALLY do a marathon together!