Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beating the Heat

Have you been to the new water play area at the Phoenix zoo? It's awesome! I wish I had one just like it in my backyard. Forget the animals, the kids just wanted to spend the whole day there. My mom brought her camera and got some pretty good shots of the day.

Tabby loving the waterfall.
Rex coming out of the slide on his belly. Looks fun, wish I could try!
Ella looking kinda ticked on her zebra.
Tabby looking cute on the carousel.
While I was in the bathroom with Rex and Ella, my mom took some pics of Tabby. I have to say she looks so beautiful. I can't believe she's gonna be 6 this Sunday.
How did she get to be so darling? She must have a very handsome daddy!


johnsonteammom said...

She is adorable and I didn't know they had a new water feature at the zoo, why go to Golfland? It's like two for one when you go to the zoo, right?

Momma Dianna said...

Wow you guys are brave to go out in the summer heat, especially being preggo! When we went to the zoo like 6 weeks ago, it happened to be a really cool day which was great for walking around, but bad for kids wanting to play at the water park. Glad your kids got to enjoy it and keep cool! Too bad you couldn't join in all the fun too!

Greco Family said...

That's awesome that they added that much to the waterpark. Tabby is adorable!

The Frosts said...

Tabby looks so Cute in those pics! Very cool new water thing at the zoo!