Monday, June 1, 2009

Bike Skillz

Last week Rex decided he was going to ride his bike without training wheels. Well, more like I bribed him with getting a Bumblebee Transformer. I didn't ever want to force the kid but he wouldn't let Dale or I take off those darn training wheels! I knew he could ride without them if he just tried but he was so worried about crashing that he was not letting us come near those training wheels with a wrench! So I came up with the one offer I knew he couldn't refuse. As soon as I said "Bumblebee Transformer" he was all over it. I honestly think it took him 10 minutes from us holding him up to him riding all by himself. And the worry about crashing? He fixed that himself. Every time he wanted to stop he would ride over to the bushes and fall in them. Now his skills have improved and he can hop off but it was pretty hilarious watching him teeter over and letting the bush catch him.

Here's a video of his first ride without help:

Do you see him heading over to the bushes at the end of the clip?
And yes, he is now the proud owner of a Bumblebee Transformer!

Good job, buddy!


Michelle Bebe said...

Wow he did great! I love bribes. Stickers are my new best friend right now so I feel ya!

Chad~Nicole said...

Awesome skillz, Rex!

Magi said...

that's really cute