Friday, May 29, 2009


Tabby has successfully completed another childhood rite of passage. She has lost her first tooth. She is beside herself with pride. She insists that all her school friends aren't going to recognize her when class starts again.

It was loose for about a week and had been asking us if it's ready to come out about every 5 minutes. She wiggled it and wiggled it until we thought it was ready to yank. She was too impatient to just let it come out on it's own. She requested that her Daddy pull it for her.

Checking that the tooth was in fact loose enough.

Dale couldn't get it out with his hand so we had to get reinforcements.
I can't believe she let Dale use the pliers! I would have never allowed my tooth to be yanked out like that! She didn't even cry. Most kids would have freaked. I guess she was too determined to get that tooth out to be bothered by any pain!

It's out! It's out!

So do you recognize her?


Julie said...

That's so funny...I was just telling someone the story this week about when I let Dale pull one of my teeth with the pliers. Congrats Tabby!

Chad~Nicole said...

What's the going rate for the Tooth Fairy these days?

The Frosts said...

Who is that little girl on your blog with the missing tooth? She must really trust her Daddy. Hope you sanitized those bad boys. Good job Tabby!

Fuller Family said...

Wow...Katelynn said.."Uh, no no no no....I'm not doing that. I'm not letting dale pull my teeth out." I was like...uh your own dad would do it. Kate is a chicken. She is actually terrified of her teeth falling out. Tabby is SUPER brave!! Make sure she gets a good spaghetti dinner to break in that hole!! WAY TO GO TABBY!!

Michelle Bebe said...

I can't believe she let him yank it out! I would have FLIPPED OUT! My dad told me when my first tooth came out that if I didn't put my tongue in it that I would get a gold tooth. I was CRUSHED when I put my tongue in it, I couldn't help it!