Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miss Independence

I have been wanting to potty train Ella for quite some time now. They say there is a "window" where the child shows an interest in potty training and that's when all good moms should drop everything and show the kid how to use the can. Ella did show this interest long ago and believe me, I WANTED to have her potty trained. The only problem is, I work in my office 4 hours a day and I was worried about training her because I wouldn't be there a lot of times to make sure she got to the toilet in time. Hence, the procrastination.

Well 2 days ago she came to me in a pair of Tabby's undies and said to me, "I potty train myself!" She then proceeded to walk to the bathroom where she displayed her proficiency in using the restroom properly. Bum wiping and all.

I don't recommend this "hands off" approach to potty training. In fact, with Rex and Tabby, I used this book and it worked quite well. But that's back when I had a few more moments to spare than these days.

She's had a few accidents but for the most part she's been doing quite well. I don't know if I should be embarrassed because my child took it upon themselves to learn one of the most important things a mom should teach their child during toddler-hood or if I should be proud because I raised a child who's so independent she doesn't need her mama to show her how to go on the potty. She will do it herself, thank you very much.


Greco Family said...

That is funny Alys! Hayley trained herself too. Good job Ella!

C. Geertsen said...

Go Ella!

Momma Dianna said...

We are all guilty of procrastinating and not getting things done but in this case, sounds like it was a good thing! That is so awesome to not have to deal with the potty training schedule and being tied down and just basically sitting back, watching it happen without hardly lifting a finger. What a smart girl you have!

Michelle said...

I would have died of excitement if Nash had done that! He is pretty much trained now. He had a little relapse but is dry at naps and bed so I think we're done too! you'll only have ONE in diapers!

Magi said...

this is your 1st break from diapers in nearly 6 years, sorry it's only 2months long.