Friday, May 29, 2009

They Came Home!!!

Dale's parents a.k.a. Gramma and Papa arrived home Tuesday night after serving a mission in Ecuador for a year and a half. Eighteen months doesn't seem like it would be that long but to us, it seemed like an eternity. We are so happy to have them home safe and sound. We had fun meeting them as they got of the plane at the airport. Of course, they did the old wait until you are the last one off of the plane trick. I suppose it was payback because every one of their 5 sons did it to them when they got home from their missions. We waited and waited and there they were! Lots of cheers, shouting and crying ensued.

Here we all are waiting. I told Dale to look photogenic. Maybe he misunderstood me and thought I said to look mean and angry.
Mary, Emma and Tabby waiting with our homemade posters.
Tabby designed this one all by herself. I wish I took a close up of it. It is really quite detailed. She drew a plane with Gramma and Papa coming off it at the bottom. I don't know what that big black thing is. Maybe some sort of giant bird swooping down to eat all of us?
Ella and her trademark "cheese smile."
This is Dale's brother Ken and his fam:
They are here! All the grand kids bum-rushed Gramma.
Dale sure missed his Dad.
Papa is happy to be home!
We are so happy to have you home with us Gramma and Papa! We love you!

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Magi said...

*sniff* that's so sweet! Glad to have em back!