Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Little late on the Mother's Day post. Sorry about that. This summer heat is making me slow I guess.

Despite being huge, fat, and puffy, I managed to have a great Mother's Day weekend.

It all started with my hair appointment Saturday morning. I was so excited to get my hair cut and it turned out really cute. In all honesty, I did take a few pics of my new do to show ya'll but I was so horrified at how my swollen face looked (I insist that it's water retention not chub) I couldn't bring myself to post them! Sorry, I know its vain and also anti-climatic from the post where I asked every one's opinion but I just couldn't do it. Let's just say I'm rocking some sassy bangs and layers now.

Then I got to go out on a date with Dale that night. I like how I wrote that, like there would be anyone else I would be going on a date with. Anyway, he lined up a babysitter for us and took me out to eat at the restaurant of my choice and then to a movie. We are such an exciting couple, I know. Actually at the rate that Dale and I get out of the house without the kids, going anywhere by ourselves is comparable to a trip to the Bahamas. I chose Star Trek for the movie. Not your typical chick flick but the only other girly movie out was that Girlfriend Ghost movie which looked stupid so I opted for the nerdy space movie instead. So glad I did. It turned out to be REALLY GOOD. Go see it if you haven't yet.

It ended up being a really good night because Dale said I looked hot and I got a few compliments on my el-cheapo flower headband that I bought a few days before. I got it at Forever 21, a store that I refuse to believe that I am too old to shop in. It was one of those moments where I was feeling big and frumpy (those happen all to often) and I needed a materialistic purchase to lift my spirits. Since there is no Forever 21 maternity line (I wish) a cute head band would have to do. And it did.

We finished up the night by picking me up a smoothie on the way home. I have been craving those big time and it totally hit the spot.

Sunday morning, I was awakened by 3 very cute messy haired kids who were jumping up and down excited to serve me the breakfast-in -bed that they had made me. It consisted of Raisin Bran with about half the necessary amount of milk (that was the last of it) and a cup of yogurt that had expired about a week ago. And I ate all of it. I had to. I couldn't disappoint those little darlings. They also drew me some awesome pictures of myself. I am really digging the way Tabby draws me because every time she does, she draws a crown on my head. Very accurate, no?

Anyway I got up and got dressed for church. I picked out a bright green maternity dress that I really do think is cute but can't help but think "Jolly Green Giant" when I wear it. Ella didn't help when I was looking at myself in the mirror and she said "Mama, you're big!" For sure not an appropriate comment on Mother's Day, Ella. Not at all.

We came home and ate frozen pizza. Not a fancy dinner by any means but it was Mother's Day people! I hate cooking. Like I was going to cook on that day of all days.

We then visited my Mom's house and I gave her a book about stealing horses because that was one of her favorite hobbies as a kid. Kidding, mom. She only did it once and she gave it back.

We then went to Dale's grandma's house and wished her a happy Mothers Day with some hugs and roses.

We only wish we could have hugged Dale's mom on Mother's Day. She and Dale's dad are on a mission in Ecuador and they will be home in less than two weeks! Can't wait to see them again!

And there you have it!


Tim and Shay said...

Glad to hear you had a great mothersday weekend!

Hey, I posted pics of my nasty swollen burned legs. And my swollen face. You can post pics of your beautiful face (even if it is a little swollen) so we can see your hair! :o)

Chad~Nicole said...

What a cliff hanger, making us all wait to see your hair. And--about Forever 21. I get a headache everytime I walk in there with all the colors and noise, which probably means I'm too old to shop there, but I can't resist the cheapness of it. Just last week I bought some $5 sunglasses there.

C. Geertsen said...

I love my new stealing horses book! Huge thank you! I like your hair a lot too.

Mike and Emily McDougal Family said...

You better post pics of your hair now that you got us all curious! :)

Where are your in-laws at in Ecuador? My brother is on a mission in Ecuador too! He comes home in August. How funny is that?! :)