Friday, May 1, 2009

Picture Wall

Yay! I got my picture wall done. This was another project I put off because I was intimidated by how much work it would take. The effort wasn't too bad and it meant several more unpacked boxes. So glad it's done. I want all moving boxes out of my life! I'm so tired of them being in my way and even just looking at them makes me frustrated.

So on to the project. I had two picture walls at the old house and I decided to combine them as I really am trying to group things together to avoid a cluttery-house feel. You know those houses (not yours, of course) that you go in to and you feel like they are decorated within an inch of their lives? Yeah, I don't want that.

I started by laying everything out on the floor until it looked like I wanted. Then I took a picture of it so I could refer to it to see where I placed things as I was hanging them.
All done!
Yes that wall is blue. Not my fave color but this isn't my house so I don't get to change it. It's not so bad with all that black up there now. It's sorta growing on me.

How sad that all those kid pics are of just Tabby who is my oldest! You know how it goes. A million pics get taken of the first one and you frame just about every one of them and all the subsequent kids are lucky to even get a random snapshot taken now and then. I will have to change some of those pics out before Rex and Ella notice anything. =)


Karolee said...

Looks good! and I personally like the blue. It could be worse... ;)

Kim Skinner said...

I like the blue too!

Michelle Bebe said...

i love the blue. i was just thinking about how good blue and brown go (black too!). i have a few walls that are haunting me ...

Ortiz Family said...

I love your set up its so cute, you are so creative!