Tuesday, June 2, 2009

White Velvet Couch

My sis and I have been having fun designing outfits for each other on Polyvore. It's a complete waste of time but so entertaining. Anyway, I designed a living room for my mansion that I will one day surely have. Sexy, no?

I asked Dale if he liked it. He said "Sure, that will be the room I will never go in."

BTW, how long do you think that white couch would last before my kids threw up/dumped food/colored on it? I think it only costs $3000.00.


Michelle Bebe said...

how much do you love to waste time on there? SERIOUSLY! it's an addiction.

i love the couch. with my kids, i think it would take a split second.

Jamie said...

I'm scared of that couch but it does look good.

johnsonteammom said...

It all looks good to me, but not for me...or you.