Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We Were Tested!

Dude. The most cliche thing happened to us last night. It was the old "what would you do if you found money that didn't belong to you" test. We were at the grocery store last night and we were about to turn down an aisle when I saw Dale silently swoop down really fast and pick up something by my feet. At first I was freaked out thinking he was trying to save me from a rodent or nasty critter of some sort but then I see that it is crumbled up money! He looks at it closer as we go down the aisle and no joke, it's a $100 dollar bill! WHATEVER! That just doesn't happen! For a split second, I thought "Yes!!!" But then we both looked at each other and knew that it had to be turned in. It didn't belong to us. Dale took it up to the front where of course, the lady was astounded that somebody would hand that in. He did leave his name and number just in case nobody claimed it. Yeah right. I'm sure one of the employees probably "claimed" it. But no matter, I'm not worried about what happens to it, all I care about is that we did the right thing. But ugh. $100? That may not be a lot of money to some, but to us? Ouch. I am glad it happened though because our kids were there and we were able to teach them a lesson about doing the right thing. No matter how un-fun the right thing may be!


Momma Dianna said...

Yay for you guys doing the right thing! That happened to us once too at Mervyn's and during Christmas time which made it especially hard to turn the money in! We assumed that one of the employees got a nice gift with our hundred dollar bill too since we never heard back, but at least we don't have a check against us on a list that we don't want to be on-lol!

Brenay Family said...

Good for you. And what a great teaching moment for your kids!

Cresta said...

Way to go!! We once found a wad of money (about 80 bucks) in walmart and rob and the boys went and turned it in...the lady who claimed the money actually called us to thank us because times were really tight for them and that was her only grocery money for the month.