Monday, July 14, 2008

Ghetto Pool Party

What else do you do if you don't have your own pool and it rained cats and dogs the night before?
Kim and her kids had the same idea too. Rex was thrilled that Wyatt was there to play with him.
Look how high the water was! It made the slides way more fun.
Dale entertained the kids with his mad stunt skillz.
We need to get him out in to the sun more. His skin is almost the same color as his suit!All the kids challenged Dale to a race. He won while carrying 2 kids.


Jamie & Heather Darger said...

oh these somehow make me happy and they are not even my kids! How fun - we are all about Ghetto. I am sure you know, you have seen OUR backyard! :) Love the pics

Kari said...

Those pics made my day! Oh to be a kid again! I guess Dale still is a kid. That was funny.

Heidi Ann said...

ummm, jealous it didn't rain like that over here. how fun!! what a trooper dale is!