Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Card

My next card club get together isn't for a couple of weeks but I have really got to get serious about packing up the house so I thought it would be best to get them done now. Last month, I was adamant about not getting anything out of the boxes I had already packed to make my cards. This month, not so much. I ended up digging through every box I had packed from my office and made a huge mess and had to re-pack everything.

The theme this month is Happy Birthday for a kid or adult. Here's what I did:
I printed the text on a transparency:
Check out this beautiful lace ribbon. I found it at Mystic Paper in downtown Mesa. It was kinda pricey but I only needed 2 yards so it didn't cost very much at all. I wanted to by closer to 80 yards of it though!
It was totally non-intentional but I just realized I used the EXACT SAME colors on this card as the ones I used on my blog. Guess I'm feeling the whole pink,green, turquoise vibe.

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