Monday, March 16, 2009

My Baby Boy is 4!

My baby boy turned 4 yesterday, y'all!

I need to stop calling him my baby boy. I might turn him into a softy cupcake. I have loved watching him grow up from a tinsy baby to a ruff and tuff little dude but something in me wants him to stay Momma's little guy a bit longer. Good thing this next baby is a boy. It might help me get over the fact that Rex is a baby no longer.

Here is the story of Rex.

Long before he was born, his Daddy had already chosen the name Rex. It's a good solid manly name and in Latin it means king which is my grandma's maiden name so I guess you could say it's a family name in a way.

It's surprising to me that Rex is so thoughtful because when he was born, he came so flippin' fast that I had no time for the epidural to work and I involuntarily gave birth to him naturally. SO NOT considerate of him. But I instantly forgave him when I saw him and his chubby cheeks.
The plumpness in his cheeks quickly spread throughout the rest of his body and he became a butterball:
Note the chunkiness. The BABY, not me. Anyway...

Rex rocked the mohawk or momock as he called it:
And on Halloween, we got creative:
He loves his sisters and is most-of-the-time-sweet to them:
But catch him in one of his "off moments" and you will find that he can be quite the grump:

If I could describe him in one word, it would be thoughtful. For example, the other day I was getting ready to go somewhere and the kids were staying home with their Daddy. Rex saw that I was leaving so he went into the garage, turned on the light, and then opened the door of the van for me. What a sweet boy. Or maybe he just wanted to get me out of there quicker.

Anyway, I absolutely love my kiddos all the same but there is something about a little boy that makes his mommy's heart melt.
Okay, you can grow up now.


C. Geertsen said...

Wonderful little person! I'm in love! Extra fabulous post, by the way.

The Frosts said...

What a cute, sweet boy! He is a very thoughtful boy. Crazy that he's four. Cute pics!

Michelle Bebe said...

he is so darn fun! i love his pics.

Karolee said...

He has the cutest cheeks ever! happy birthday Rex!

Godfrey Family said...

I love Rex and the pics you posted of him are great. I can't believe he is already four. Max is right behind him in July. I can't believe they will be old enough to be in school next year. I am so not ready for that yet...well maybe on some days :). I got your email last night too. Thanks for the update and at least you have a little direction for the upcoming months. Love you Alys!

MichelleY said...

Happy Birthday Rex! What a cute boy- he's going to be trouble with the ladies when he gets older :)

Jamie and Heather Darger said...

He rocked that Mowhawk long before it was cool. You are quite the trendsetter. My fav is when he was in Primary and told the teachers they were both wearing poopy diapers. (long story)