Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brag about Husband Time

Just so you know, It was The Best Husband Ever's birthday yesterday. He turned 38. I almost accidentally typed 28 because he doesn't seem that old to me. NOT THAT 38 IS OLD BY ANY MEANS!!! We did the usual birthday family celebration at Fud's. We all had a great time although I don't think he thought this gift from me was as awesome as I thought it was:
I think he liked the cool new shirts I got him better.

Here are some things I think you might be interested to know about Dale:

1.) He speaks perfect Spanish. He once sung the Mexican National Anthem to the employees at a taco shop. They loved it and gave him free food.

2.) He will wipe the floor with you at Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

3.) He is extremely faithful in the Gospel. Do you know that once a week he wakes up at about 4 a.m. and goes to an early morning temple session?

4.) He never complains when I wake him up at some unearthly hour because I heard a strange noise.

5.) He's never been afraid to punch a guy in the face if he's actin' a fool. Thank goodness this has never happened since we've been married (I can't pay bail) but I know that I'm safe when I'm with him. He and his 4 brothers are a lot like his grandpa who used to say "I will not be interfered with." And they won't. Believe me.

6.) That said, Dale is also the nicest, charming, and warmest guy you will meet. Everybody he meets is instantly his friend.

7.) He is 9 years older than me. When he got home from his mission, I was in 7th grade. SO freaky, I know. But he is young at heart and we are a perfect match. That's why he didn't get married until he was 30. Unbeknownst to him, he had to wait to meet the girl that was meant for him to become a legal age. =)

8.) He is really super strong. He used to compete in power lifting competitions.

9.) Dale is a very very hard worker. He is 100% devoted to providing for his family.

10.) He is a die hard Sun Devils and Suns fan. He's like the professor of college football and the NBA. Every year he gets so amped up when the football and basketball seasons start only to have his hopes and dreams crushed once again by our disappointing teams. I keep telling him he needs to get out of this abusive relationship but he can't.

Happy birthday, Lover Boy!!!


Heather and Brad said...

What a sweet tribute. He IS a pretty cool guy.

Jamie said...

He really is such a good guy. I'm glad he waited for you to be legal. Weird but that's okay.

Magi said...

Forgot to tell you.. thought of Dale when we were in SF. We were walking around the Haight Ashbury area and some street punk was having pretend fights with invisible people, as Mark and I approached he 'fronted' at us, like got super close and weird, anyways, we ignored him and walked past him, as we passed him I thought W.W.D.D? Probably punch him back to Sunday, the freak seriously got my heart pounding, so weird.

Jamie and Heather Darger said...

I love him too (in a neighborly way, and no not the weird kind a neighbor) Haha He is so good to you - and I love reading about men like that.