Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day Joke

I totally bombed St. Patrick's Day this year. I didn't even remember to dress the kids in green let alone make them an all green breakfast like nice mommies do. Poor things got pinched by leprechauns all day long. I felt I had to make up for it by doing something fun for them this morning.

Let it be said that I hate playing mean tricks on people. Call me lame/boring but I just don't think that mean jokes are very funny. So when I saw this on this persons blog, I thought it would be a perfect trick to play on the kids. It's not mean at all.

After I got the kids dressed, I told them to wait in their rooms while I made them a special breakfast. They got all exited wondering what delicious creation I was preparing for them. The look on their faces when they came out and saw this was hilarious:

Ostrich eggs!
They were all very unsure:
But after they got brave and had a little taste, they realized that I was playing a trick on them. Then they happily ate their peaches and cream.

They then tried to pull over the old "there's a spider on your shoulder" trick on me. Sorry kids, I didn't fall for it when I was 5 and I'm not gonna fall for it now.


Magi said...

LMAO!!!!!! now THAT is awesome!

Michelle Bebe said...

yum and fun! LOVE IT! way to go!

Chad~Nicole said...

What a fun mom you are!

Karolee said...

Those look so cool! I love Rex's face. Classic.

Mike and Emily McDougal Family said...

That is such a cute idea! And the looks on your kiddos faces - priceless! :) I bet they just loved it!

Godfrey Family said...

I love it!! I'm going to use that next year. Thanks for the great idea!