Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old Skool Field Trip

By old skool, I mean that Tabby got to go on a field trip with her old school.

Before we moved, her kindergarten had been planning and talking about this trip to a farm forever and when she brought home the permission slip, I had the horrible job of delivering the news to her that the date for the field trip would be after we moved. Poor thing was devastated. I mentioned how sad she was about it to her teacher and he said that he had actually talked to the school and everyone was happy to have her come along anyway.

It really helped with the whole moving away process because every time she was sad about missing her friends, I could remind her that she would get to see them again soon.

So the fun field trip day finally came on Friday. Tabby and I got there before the buses did so we passed the time by watching the hens and roosters run around. Tabby saw a big fluffy chicken with weird puff balls on it's head and named it Poodle Chicken.

When the buses pulled up and her class got off, Tabby ran to her friends and teacher and hugs were given all around. Later she told me that she got "tiny tears of joy" in her eyes but she was "able to hold them in." Maybe she gets that from her mom, because that same thing happened to her too. =)

I'm surprised that Tabby actually held this chicken. She can be a bit skittish about these sort of things. Moments later, when it was time to feed the horse a carrot, she bailed at the last second by dropping it on the ground and running away. Don't even ask about petting the sting rays at the zoo last month.
The dude made me hold a chicken too. I totally didn't want to. For some reason, in my mind, all critters have some sort of disease. Needless to say, I hand-sanitized it up after I held it.

Some sassy tractor riding.
Look! I feel so special! I got a note with my lunch!
Stacy a.k.a. Tawny's mommy put it in with Tawny's lunch to give to me. Dale packed my lunch and he thought it appropriate to call me Mrs. Morris.

Tabby and some of her friends from her old class.
Obviously, for Tabby, eating ice cream was more important than anything else at the moment.

Tabby and her super fun teacher who we super miss!


C. Geertsen said...

This makes me so happy! Happy as a Poodle Chicken.

Karolee said...

How great she got to see her friends there! Cute pics!

The Frosts said...

Such a cute girl! That is so fun that she still got to go to the farm. I love that Stacy wrote you that note, funny lady!

Michelle Bebe said...

I can't believe that guy made you hold a chicken! I totally would have said, "No thanks" and WALKED AWAY!

You're brave!

johnsonteammom said...

Geesh, now I wish I would have written the note on something cuter than a post-it note. At least you appreciated it, Tawny never said a word about hers:) Can't wait to see you!!