Monday, April 20, 2009


I've decided that I actually do like this new place better than our old one. Like it functions better. No unusable dining/living room. Instead, there is a loft upstairs. It's currently filled with boxes but I imagine a fun space there when I finally get everything put away. I also love that the entire downstairs is tile. Tabby proved my point when she barfed up a tangerine in the family room the first night we were here. The clean up would have been a lot worse had it been carpet. Besides all of our friends, one thing I do really miss is our big front and back yard. I recently came across these pictures from about a month ago and it's sad to say that this probably won't be happening this summer:
Good times.


JacksonFamily said...

You'll be able to do that in the big park by your house!

Michelle Bebe said...

I love how you captured the joy in their bounce!

I am jealous of your tile...I have carpet EVERYWHERE and it SUCKS.