Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rex's Hot Wheels Party

Last Saturday, we had Rex's birthday party at my parent's house. He totally wanted a Hot Wheels party and that's totally what he got!

We kicked things off by jumping in the bouncer. My mom got this bad boy at the KB going out of business sale for like $2.00. Okay, not that cheap but she did get it for a steal.
We played with the bubble machine. This thing is cool, it makes bubbles inside of bubbles.

Then it was time to crack open the pinata.
Cousin Madeline gave it a more timid approach.
Obviously, none of the kids could do any damage to Captain Faketooth (that's what Rex named it.) It was time to call in reinforcements. Daddy style.

Look at the grin on his face! He gets so excited any time he gets to "do battle" with something!

Dale has played softball for many years. Is this the look he gets on his face every time he swings? He's probably totally embarrassed now.
The victim pinata is now properly distributing the candy:
Thanks Daddy!

Captain Faketooth never stood a chance.
Check out the cake my sis made! Every kid in our fam gets an awesome custom cake designed by her!
Just after I snapped this pic above, Rex leaned in a little too close and singed his eyebrow.

He recovered quickly and Aunt Magi stood closely behind to prevent any more face burning.
I asked everyone who was bringing a gift to get Rex a Hot Wheels set.
Remember when we were kids and all they had was like a strip of plastic for the cars to go down and maybe a ramp at the end? They have come a long way. They now have what they call Trick Tracks sets in which there are different stunts that you can connect together and one stunt sets of the next so you can have a whole room full of race cars doing stunts. That's exactly what we did for the grand finale of the party. Here we are setting it up:
I wish I had a better pic to showcase how awesome it was.

Rex's actual birthday fell on Sunday so we gave him a special breakfast that morning. We made The Best Pancakes Ever (recipe courtesy of my Dad) topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. No candle mishaps this time.
Happy birthday Best Little Dude Ever!


Chad~Nicole said...

That cake is awesome! I really like the black and white bubble pic.

Keri said...

How fun! He has some pretty cool parents!