Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back To School

I know, they've been "back to school" for a week now. I'm just a tad behind. My excuse is that I just joined Facebook. It's something I always said I'd never do. But I did. And it's fun. And it's taking up all my time.


Tabby went back to school on Monday. I was nervous for her because she only went to this school for a little over a month last year. I was worried that she would feel left out if all the other kids were friends already. But of course, Tabby is Tabby and she walks right up to anyone and starts talking to them as if they were best friends. She came home with lots of new buddies on Monday and said she loves her teacher. I asked her how her day was and she said "Good, but I did have a few embarrassments." I was concerned about these "embarrassments" and asked her what she meant and she said that she had gotten out all her school supplies before it was time. She realized her mistake and quickly put them under her chair to hide them. Relieved, I told her that was no big deal and nobody probably even noticed. Phew! I thought she meant she peed her pants or let one slip or something.

Miss Cutie Herself:
Hello Kitty all the way!
Rex's preschool started on Wednesday. He was counting down the minutes till it was time to go. Like his sis, he's outgoing and will talk to anyone. When I picked him up, I asked him how it went. Instead of telling me about his class and his teacher, he goes on and on about a Transformers shirt that one kid wore. Apparently it was the coolest thing ever.

Mr. Friendly:
He insisted that I take a picture of him running in the grass:
Next year, Ella will be in preschool and that means 3 out of 4 kids will be gone for some portion of the day! Having kids close together pays off, I tell you.


Greco Family said...

Tabby always looks so cute. I wish Hayley's hair would stay like that all day. I can't believe how fast they grow!!

Momma Dianna said...

Once got me laughing! Can't stay away from your blog when it's so entertaining! Your kids always look so cute. And...welcome to Facebook. It is so addicting!

The Frosts said...

I love Tabby's oufit! What a diva. I'm really glad she didn't toot on her first day of school. I wish my embarrassments were on the take out your school supplies too soon level. Instead of the asked when your baby is due when you're not prego level. Really fun!