Friday, August 7, 2009

Ella's Puppy Party

Ever since Tabby had her Pinkalicious party, Ella has been talking non-stop about her party. She came up with the idea of a puppy theme all on her own. We had a small family party for her over at my parents house. Everyone got to wear puppy ears.
Or should I say, everyone HAD to wear puppy ears:
What a good daddy.

Ella had so much fun opening her presents.

It wouldn't be a party without one of Magi's specially designed cakes.

This time she used Ella's favorite stuffed puppy named Diamond as inspiration.
Here's Diamond (of course Ella named it).
Here's the cake:
So cute, right???
I especially loved the detail of the bow:
Then it was time to blow out the candles.
Look how all the kids are making a blowing out the candles face too. So funny.
Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Momma Dianna said...

Sooo cute! You guys sure know how to party kiddie style!

Tim and Shay said...

Very CUTE! I love your party ideas. And the cakes are always awesome!