Monday, August 10, 2009

Memory Lane

Almost all of my childhood pictures were taken on slide film and I've really never seen most of them (my parents took thousands, who wants to sit through that slide show?) My dad is now scanning them on to his computer and sending them to me. I am finally getting to see what I looked like as a kid. Just kidding dad, there were some pictures that made it in to an album as I grew. It's been fun rediscovering my childhood so I thought I'd share.

My musical ability was apparent from an early age.
We were born in Provo, Utah and lived in a little red house that I think is no longer there. Here's my sis getting ready to go outside in winter time. She's striking a rather darling pose.
I was a total thumb sucker. It may have been cute when I was a kid but not so cute with a mouth full of braces as a result.
Check out my rad coat.
Don't ask me about this one. I just thought I looked cute in it. =)
I had a very serious birthday, I guess.
This is me getting what turned out to be my teddy bear that never left my side for years and years. I pulled all the fur off of it as I snuggled with it. I still have it. Patches and all. Named it Teddy of course. I wrapped my arm around him as I slept and now I have to put with a pillow where the bear used to be or I won't be comfortable.
You don't need those expensive American Girl dolls to match your clothes to your doll, all you need is a mom that can sew.
Some times I think my kids look like me when I was their age. Sometimes I think they look like Dale. I'll have to put some of his kiddo pictures up here for a side by side comparison. He's got some sweet ones too, like the pictures of him showing his prize hog at the county fair. It's awesome.

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johnsonteammom said...

Loved them! I can see the kids in you for sure. Loved the sweater with pom poms on it. I love trips down memory lane.