Monday, August 31, 2009

Go Devils!!!

Friday night was the annual ASU scrimmage. You can get in for free and if you can endure the painfully long bored out of your mind scrimmaging (Dale's gonna be mad I said that), you get to go out on the field when it's over and meet all the players and cheerleaders. Sadly, I didn't get to go this year. Too hot and long for our littlest kiddos. So armed with a camera, Dale took the older kids, Tabby and Rex.
Meeting the cheerleaders:

The ladies love you Rex, get used to it.
It's Sparky!!!
All the players have Sharpies to sign autographs.
Rex's favorite cousin Kam was there too.
Football legends in the making.
Fantastic pose, Tabby.
We're still working on the proper way to do the pitchfork.
I'm sad I wasn't there, it's really a great free family activity. Can't wait to go next year. I do get to go to the season opener this Saturday though. Hopefully, this season, ASU won't rip my husbands heart out and stomp all over it.


Jamie said...

Oh my heavens those were cute pictures. I wish knew about this fantastic free game. Johnny would've loved to take Trey while I stayed at home and enjoyed my alone time. Maybe next year.

Greco Family said...

UGH! I am so jealous. I wish we were down in AZ just for that reason. Your kids are so cute and you are raising them great! GO DEVILS!!!