Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Girly Necklaces

Things are finally starting to get back on a schedule which means I have finally had more time to clean my house. Naw, that's no fun! I mean making fun stuff again. I've been busy putting together some bling for my girlies.I always want to know where other people find their stuff so I'll tell you where I found mine. I got the heart from Tilly's. The pink beads from Hobby Lobby, the white beads from Claire's, and the silver and clear beads from Michael's. If you watch the sales, you can usualy get all of these things for half off.

Ella is getting to the age of not destroying everything I put on her so she's been having fun wearing necklaces like her big sister.
I got the heart and the blue and green beads from Tilly's and the pearls came from an old fake pearl necklace of mine that I never wore. It was a gigantic super long string of pearls and I decided it looked ridiculous on me. The crystal beads came from Artbeads.
For this one, I got the crown at a place in Ahwatukee called Dazzle. It's the only thing in all of these necklaces that wasn't super cheap. I think it was around $10.00 or so. All the other beads came from Artbeads. I love this online store because they are cheap, you don't have to buy in bulk and they have free shipping.

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MichelleY said...

Your girls are so cute! We miss Tabby, she was such a fun girl in our class. Guess I'm going to have to start learning how to make girly stuff soon, which will be a nice break from our all boy house now :)