Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ella is 3!

She's still a baby right? Because I really want her to still be a baby. It's hard for me to see my kids grow out of their babiness. Ella turned 3 on Sunday. We took lots of pictures, had a puppy party (her idea) and gave her lots of kisses.

A little about our Ella:

She is hilarious. She cracks us up all the time.
She thinks she is a rock star.
She makes the biggest messes of any child I have ever met.
She loves to play with her dollys.
She is fearless.
She is adorable when she is grumpy.
She loves to dance and sing.
She has the cutest little girly giggle.

Here are some pics of our baby girl:
I just noticed that she's looking down in everyone of those pics I just posted. Maybe it's because I like the thoughtful looking pics best. Either that or she was sick of me putting the camera in her face.

Here are some more. My mom and I took these the day of her party:
There, now you can see that cute little face.

I'll post the pics of her cute little party soon.


Karolee said...

I can't believe how much she looks like Tabby! What a cutie! Happy Birthday Ella!

Greco Family said...

There is no way she's 3 already! I remember when you were preggo with her. I also remember her first day of nursery! She is such a character. Too cute and she does look like Tabby! Happy Birthday Ella!

Anonymous said...

It's crazy that Ella is already three.. wow, how time flies!! She's so adorable and these pictures are the cutest ever! :)

McDougal Family said...

Cute pictures! I'm with everyone else - she's 3 already??? Wow where does the time go! She is so cute! She does look just like Tabby. :)